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Brinkmanship or Tomfoolery??

Welcome to Canada!!

Against Teleology in the Study of Race: Toward the Abolition of the Progress Paradigm – Louise Seamster, Victor Ray, 2018

We argue that claims of racial progress rest upon untenable teleological assumptions founded in Enlightenment discourse. We examine the theoretical and methodol…
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Insightful, but not currently relevant to social policy, due to the degree of gene pooling through extensive miscegenation over the past 300 years. ‘Race’ doesn’t exist today, only ethnic-based discrimination. And all other forms of discrimination. Talking about “racism” perpetuates unnecessary negative stereotypes.

2019!! What changes will I make that will last?

  • Fewer beer
  • Fewer miles on the car
  • Better care of my body
  • Becoming a minimalist in everything
  • Hugging more people
  • Re-editing my book
  • Giving more seminars
  • More fundraising for the Symphony
  • Planting a better (not bigger) garden
  • Finishing final renovations
  • Win more often at dominoes
  • These folks are not us, just friends of friends

Tribalism and Diversity in the US today.

Major for-profit school chain closes, leaving tens of thousands of students scrambling | TheHill

Thousands of students are reportedly left scrambling after Education Corp.
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This is reminiscent of Corinthian Colleges Corp going bust 5 years ago, for the same reasons. As a Education Director of one of its 16 Everest Colleges in Canada, I saw it coming and got out in time.

Study shows regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time

Study shows regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time
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Vacillating extremes portend a future for which human infrastructures are ill-prepared.

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