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Trudeau’s penchant for self-political harm This will do the Liberals a great amount of harm.

3 States Sue Trump Administration Over New Green Card Rule | Time

New York state, Connecticut, Vermont and NYC sued over new Trump rule blocking green cards for many immigrants who use public assistance.
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“This is just the start of something big”….

The Organic Food Hoax | Hoover Institution

The industry thrives by making fraudulent claims about the foods we eat. 
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And consumer costs are exorbitant.

Rex Murphy: I accept and I disagree: Justin Trudeau’s amazing doublespeak | National Post

I’m willing to give the PM a break. It’s possible he’s got no apologies left. He’s simply run out. But I’m sure some new ones are on order
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A major ‘left side of the mouth’, ‘right side of the mouth’ problem. The issue is: Would he do it again?

Andrew Coyne: Conflict of interest the least of concerns raised by SNC-Lavalin affair | National Post

It was crystal clear that this pressure campaign continued long after the former attorney general told the prime minister (and his officials) it was improper, and should stop
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No hope for re-election now. Apologize to JWR and step aside.

Divide and Conquer: Trump’s Obsession With Himself and Parochial Party Policies

“Trump Rally”: a euphemism for believing in (and supporting) a paranoid narcissist.

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