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Secularism neutrality: the case of uncovering

Where particular clothes are value-laden.

Empower Girls and Women

Empower Girls and Women
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Women must also gain more control over their ‘presentation of self’ in society. This includes 1. What to wear; 2. How much to wear; and 3. Where to wear…..clothes. Even non-sexual public nudity has to become acceptable, including for men. Body acceptance in all its manifestations is the next frontier in need of a revolution of discovery.

Misogyny or Worse: the successful escape to freedom by Rahaf Mohammed

There are still countries in the world in which women’s rights and freedoms are controlled by men, justified by outmoded religion.

A divided nation once again.

Trudeau is not endearing himself to his shaky caucus, and is now ill prepared to lead the Liberals into the federal election.

Wilson-Raybould has effectively spoken truth to power with nothing left to lose. And her truth will set her free.

Trudeau has a politically flat tire.

She was extremely prepared and credible. Proving her wrong will be very difficult, and the onus is on him to clear himself. The next week will turn Parliament Hill into a journalistic beehive.

An Honest Living – Steve Salaita

An Honest Living – Steve Salaita
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Surviving status loss in a hostile culture.

Trump as the Biggest Threat to US Democracy

When no one follows the Pied Piper, he walks alone, and thus saves them from their fate.

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