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“Nudist”, or “Naturist”

To put it succinctly,

A ‘nudist’ is someone who likes to suntan on a beach, in their backyard, or at a club or resort, for several weeks of the year.

A ‘naturist’ is someone who legally lives in the nude at every opportunity, and engulfs a belief in the integration of humans with, not against, nature.

That’s it. Just note that a transition from one to the other can happen.

Children born into naturist families most always stay as naturists for the rest of their lives.

Children whose parents are ‘occasional’ nudists, may or may not, become nudists.

So once a naturist, always a naturist, but once a nudist, sometimes a nudist.

And there are estimated to be over 33 million practising naturists around the world, and over 70 million nudists who frequent nudist resorts in over 104 countries.

Many people live in the nude and their neighbours never know.


  1. Bare Beach Bum says:

    Do we really need to get that deep into semantics with the labels? I think that trying to create such distinctions will confuse the general public that we are trying to introduce to the normalcy and naturalness of nudism/naturism.

    By your definition, I probably started out a nudist because I went to a clothing optional beach for peace and quiet; not nudity, but the nudity never bothered me. For a while, the beach and home was the only place that I could be nude although I did it for the feeling of freedom, comfort, and peace. I guess I am now a naturist. I have never chosen to make the distinction to my nudist friends and the textile world in general.

    Nice article, but do we really need this distinction?


  2. pipermac5 says:

    I think that is a pretty reasonable distinction. I consider myself to be a “naturist”. I live au naturel as close to 24/7 as reasonably-possible, and I live a fairly “minimalist” lifestyle, content with living in a travel-trailer and riving an older vehicle. I am a member of Cypress Cove and go there as frequently as I can, at least once a week since I also lead a Bible Study there on Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, it is weather-permitting.


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