A strictly Western world phenomenon. This well-balanced article is a brief introduction to the political usefulness and mere enjoyment, of being nude. It speaks to the broader issues of body-acceptance and organized nudity, and to the ease with which public nudity divests itself from sexual overtones. Recent governmental policy changes, as in Canada’s legal recognition of women’s right to go topless in most public areas, point to the day perhaps, when gardening and mowing your lawn for example, in the nude, will be totally normalized. Many barriers face proponents however, including religious, ethnic, legal, social, and family values. And individual body acceptance within the fishbowl of media pressures to be someone else but you. But the path has been started.

The analysis of rapidly digging a deep hole and throwing oneself into it comes to mind with this current Presidency. One gasping last chance at climbing out is the strange (and undemocratic) idea that ‘pardoning oneself’ as President exonerates all prior blunders. Power can corrupt, and absolute power can corrupt absolutely, to borrow from sociological findings. Running a government as a business controlled within one’s private sandbox, makes a mockery of the national and international demands for fair trade. An spewing out ‘red herrings’ and denials at every turn, for staff incompetence, renders the federal system a joke.