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How Republican Response to Robert Mueller Broke With History | Time

GOP lawmakers sought to defend Donald Trump in part by digging into the investigation itself, something historians say is unprecedented.
— Read on time.com/5534593/donald-trump-robert-mueller-watergate-congress/

When the guardians are investigated by the guardians who investigate the guardians: circular paranoia as an excuse to hide the truth from implicating the President and moving democracy forward.

No Christmas salary for Catholic priests | IrishCentral.com

The Catholic diocese of Waterford and Lismore have been using internal funds for priest’s salaries rather than money collected from Mass goers due to a major downturn in the amounts collected from parishioners. The collections refer to three envelopes distributed each year are supposed to fun priests’ salaries.
— Read on www.irishcentral.com/news/christmas-salary-catholic-priests-public-donations-drop

Empty pews, empty pockets. The price paid for religious failures of morality, of all things.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Announces He’s Running For President in 2020 | Time

“Our campaign is not only about defeating Donald Trump,” the democratic socialist said. “Our campaign is about transforming our country.”
— Read on time.com/5532296/bernie-sanders-announces-running-for-president-2020/

Hail to this vanguard of (leftist) democracy, and to the fact that age makes no difference to commitment and to following the moral high-ground.

At Munich, Russia and China Widen Rift Between US and Europe | Time

As the tension boiled over, America’s adversaries didn’t waste time gloating, but moved instead to pry the West even further apart
— Read on time.com/5531770/munich-security-conference-mike-pence-angela-merkel-china-russia/

Dividing and not (yet) conquering, inside a Trump fire-starting political quagmire.

Technically and sociologically, true


How the New Attorney General Controls Who Will See the Mueller Report | Time

The new Attorney General is the most important person in America when it comes to access to the Mueller report.
— Read on time.com/5530421/william-barr-attorney-general-robert-mueller-report/

The dangers inherent to this partnership, if not held without POTUS interference , will eventually cause the greatest public revolt in America’s political history.

Jeff Sessions brands Irishmen “drunks but could be trusted” in FBI slam | IrishCentral.com

‘The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump,’ a new tell-all book by former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, will be released on Feb. 19.
— Read on www.irishcentral.com/news/politics/jeff-sessions-brands-irishmen-drunks-fbi

Coming out politically and going in socially: McCabe tells truth to the world.

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