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Climbing up the middle: NDP could hold the balance of power.

The Liberals broke their promise on electoral reform. Will it hurt them in 2019? | National Post

The broken promise is one of many reasons why progressive-minded voters are disenchanted with Justin Trudeau and his government
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Blind loyalty to a blind narcissist. I wonder how he will handle defeat?

Recession Looming? Is this the case of a self-fulfilling prophecy, or actual and unstoppable circumstances?

Now THIS has promise!

Could be millionaires soon?

Rex Murphy: That wasn’t a debate. Nor was it national. It was tokenism, and feeble at that | National Post

The issues of this vast and highly differentiated country cannot be shoehorned into a two-hour shout fest, chopped down to nuggets
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Roosters randomly crowing that the sky might fall.

Women Are Still Men’s Chattel in Spite of Recent Changes in Saudi Arabia

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