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I did it for my daughter, says woman arrested for headscarf protest in Iran | Article [AMP] | Reuters

I did it for my daughter, says woman arrested for headscarf protest in Iran | Article [AMP] | Reuters
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“…written by men….” (edit)

I did it for my daughter, says woman arrested for headscarf protest in Iran | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Azam Jangravi’s heart was pounding when she climbed atop an electricity transformer box on Tehran’s busy Revolution Street a year ago. She raised her headscarf in the air and waved it above her head.
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Patriarchy and religious misogyny in action. Women are still chattel, owned, governed, and punished by laws written by me. Disgusting. And it’s now 2019.

Maduro Has Nowhere to Go

Maduro Has Nowhere to Go
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Dictators and ruthless reactionary movements like ISIS cannot survive in a world now in total communication within itself. Thus the internet has become a democratizing force, but also suffers from rogue-led scam abuse and insufficient regulation. Once the world’s technologies can be coordinated and steered by agreed-upon ethical imperatives, an international travel visa could be granted to everyone. Spaceship Earth may survive then, well into the 25th century.

China’s Aging Population Is a Major Threat to Its Future | Time

By 2029, China’s population will age into ‘unstoppable’ decline. Here’s why the country may face no greater threat than its aging population
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This trend extends also to Muslims and Hindus. Our grandchildren will live in a very different world, hopefully one with increased tolerance, respect, cooperation and a more united world view.

The Internet: Amazing!

Apart from all its security issues and scams, etc., the internet has succeeded in allowing billions of people to daily speak their minds, and retrieve information on political, economic, sociological, philosophical, religious, historical, maths/physics/ and chemical, medical, anthropological, environmental, cosmological, biological, musical, educational, and spiritual issues.

And to buy stuff and sell stuff.

Never before in history have the majority of passengers of spaceship earth been this conversant, aware, positively enlightened, and discouraged, fearful, and fatalistic – as in 2019.

Resolving this condition for everyone’s benefit is up to its stewards. A tall but not insurmountable order.

Democrats’ New Plan for Poor Parents: Give Them $300 a Month | Time

A new proposal from Democratic lawmakers has a simple approach to helping lower-income families: Simply give them $300 in cash a month.
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Basically, an interim ‘poverty pension’ that might work if other resources are readily made available to them, such as job training, psychosocial counselling (if appropriate), life skills, etc.

A Close Look at Migration and the People Risking Everything | Time

There are now 258 million international migrants in the world, a reality of our increasingly globalized society that can’t be ignored.
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The world is changing, literally, as people move from country to country in vastly increasing numbers, for reasons mostly of “escape”.

This is a sad indictment of global politics, and particularly of the impotent role of the UN in facilitating re-settlement issues, not to mention its prior responsibility to ‘prevent’ forced emigration from its member countries. Increasing diverse populations is a real home policy conundrum for hosting nations who want to preserve their historical sociological identity at the same time. Or at least have time to adapt their institutions to this social change.

The right of refusal of entry stands as a major moral problem for some countries, in the face of large numbers of refugees seeking asylum. Often ethical obligations to accept are mitigated by internal socio-economic constraints, i.e., there just isn’t an accommodating superstructure to handle the size of the potential influx.

We need an effective world governing body for this spaceship earth, and it appears that the sooner the better is a must.

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